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Successful Launch of Two More Bright Ascension-Powered CubeSats

This morning’s successful launch carried 29 CubeSats to orbit, including two more satellites using Bright Ascension’s GenerationOne Flight Software Development Kit. These satellites, Kepler Communications’ CASE, and Fleet Space Technologies’ Centauri-1, represent important milestones for both organisations. The launch of the PSLV from the Satish Dhawan Space Centre in India carries the third and fourth satellites to use the company’s GenerationOne technology.

Bright Ascension has been privileged to support both the Kepler and Fleet teams in the development of their world-leading CubeSats. For both missions, Bright Ascension’s industry-leading CubeSat flight software product has helped them keep development time short, getting them to market faster. Use of the GenerationOne Mission Control Software will likewise help both organisations to manage their missions effectively, integrating seamlessly with the flight software.