Started in 2011, we offer a fresh and innovative approach to space software development. Our team come from both the space industry and other high-technology sectors, which allows us to blend the most innovative ideas from different fields and create new and unique approaches to software development and operation.


Innovation is at the heart of everything we do, even the way we operate as a company. We are employee-owned and we believe it is the fairest way to structure an organisation. It allows us to attract, retain and motivate the best talent. And it simply creates an awesome place to work!


We are a Scottish company with offices in Dundee, Edinburgh and Bristol. Scotland’s space sector is growing faster than anywhere else in the UK and we are excited to be part of it. With Glasgow manufacturing more satellites than any other city in Europe and the UK’s first orbital spaceport being built in Sutherland, Scotland is set to be the first country in Europe to provide a complete solution for the manufacture and launch of small satellites.

Meet the team

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Peter Mendham


Peter is the heart and soul of the company. As a CEO, he is mostly involved in business development and technical leadership at a top level.

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Mark McCrum


Mark is our technical leader, a mission expert and a researcher with broad experience of R&D within the space sector. With significant industry experience, Mark has led our flight software development for numerous satellites and missions.

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Andrew Nairn

Global Sales Manager

Andrew is likely to be the first person you meet at Bright Ascension. With many years of sales and bid management experience in the space industry, Andrew will ensure you make the right choice for all your software needs.

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Ed Willson

Flight Software Engineer

Highly experienced across a range of missions, embedded and hardware development, Ed is our FSDK Product lead.

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Cathy Barwick

Programme/Project Manager

Cathy manages our engineering and technical programme, and coordinates some of our projects. With over 20 years of experience, you can rest assured Cathy will deliver your project in time and on budget.

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Sabrina Hennings

Project Manager

Sabrina, our experienced Project Manager, coordinates some of our missions, as well as MCS product development. Sabrina will be there to ensure your mission software development goes like clockwork and all deadlines and milestones are met on the dot.

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Alex Mason

Senior Software Engineer

Alex is a Software Engineer with many years commercial experience in the space industry, expert on all of our IT systems and development infrastructure, coordinating product/quality assurance.

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Barney Randall

Software Tooling Engineer

Barney is our Tooling and Model Lead Engineer, working across, and with, flight and ground products and missions.

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Jamie Riach

Flight Software Engineer

Jamie is our Test Lead Engineer. Having a wealth of experience working with interdisciplinary teams. Jamie has a strong understanding of spacecraft manufacturing and test processes.

210702 021

Olga Garvin

Marketing Manager

Olga is our creative and content wizard and handles everything to do with marketing, branding and promotion of our products and services.

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Michael Gorman

Embedded Software Engineer

Experienced embedded engineer across a very wide range of platforms, from bare metal to Linux, as well as lots of subsystems and more