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GenerationOne CubeSat Software is GO for Operations

The recent SSO-A launch on a SpaceX Falcon 9 from Vandenberg in California saw the deployment of three further spacecraft using Bright Ascension technology. Three teams used the GenerationOne Flight Software Development Kit to accelerate their mission development, with two of those also using the Mission Control Software to take the advantage of the seamless integration offered by the GenerationOne suite.

Within days of the launch, on the 3rd December, teams had begun tracking their satellites. The three spacecraft service very different applications. Fleet Space Technologies’ Centauri-2, is an industry-leading IoT communications satellite. The Audacy Zero CubeSat is a pilot for Audacy’s space relay communications service, and will be the first Ka-Band nano-satellite. SeaHawk-1, lead by the University of North Carolina Wilmington, hosts a multi-spectral imaging payload.

The SeaHawk-1 spacecraft, built and operated by Clyde Space in Glasgow, Scotland, is a pilot for a potential ocean colour monitoring constellation, collecting biological data from space and downlinking that via NASA’s Near Earth Network. Bright Ascension is directly supporting the SeaHawk operations team and look forward to seeing the first images from the HawkEye imager in the coming months.