1. Solution

Keep your bottom line in check

Your bottom line determines the viability of your space-based service delivery. Keeping the costs low and finding smarter ways to improve efficiency is the winning formula for success. Discover our highly customisable, but readily available off-the-shelf space software, designed to optimise and simplify your mission.

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Flight Software Development Kit

Our Flight Software Development Kit allows you to quickly build your unique mission software package, using our extensive library of pre-validated and configurable off-the-shelf components.



The real cost of open source software

It is easy to choose open source flight software or in-house development based on purchase cost only. But it is crucial to think beyond the purchase point and take into account all the expenses and risks through to the final qualified ready-for-flight version.


2. Solution

Avoid vendor lock-in

As a satellite owner, you may consider taking advantage of price competition between spacecraft manufacturers to make your constellation heterogeneous, comprising satellites from different vendors with different capabilities. The flexibility of our space software allows you to choose the most appropriate hardware and avoid a high-cost vendor lock-in.

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Why and how to avoid vendor lock-in

Learn how to benefit from an open and modular software system and avoid vendor lock-in, which comes with a few potential threats.

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Launched missions

We are flight-proven

Over the years, 24 spacecrafts have been launched into orbit with our flight software onboard, with many more missions currently in development.


3. Solution

Make use of integrated solutions

To get the maximum value, take advantage of the seamless integration of our space- and ground-based solutions. Our underlying GenerationOne model-based framework captures and documents the software architecture in a model which is used across all elements of the software system, including flight and ground, during both development and operational phases. This offers significant and unparalleled improvements in efficiency, automation and cost reduction.

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Integrated system


Benefits of an integrated flight and ground software system

Our unified approach to flight and ground software development through a shared functional architectural model brings a wide range of benefits to all aspects of missions, end-to-end and across the full life cycle.

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Mission Control Software

Our cutting-edge Mission Control Software enables more efficient, automated and scalable operations, which means you can focus on the mission and its goals, and let the software control the flight.