Complete turnkey solutions

Working with spacecraft owners, developers and integrators, we create complete end-to-end space mission solutions. We use our own Flight Software Development Kit and Mission Control Software to develop state-of-the-art software packages for a wide range of spacecraft.

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Mentoring and best practices

When you feel the need for more industry insights and expertise, we can support competence and capability building within your development teams. Our highly experienced space software engineers provide mentoring services both remotely and on site, over short or longer terms.

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Bespoke component development

In addition to our off-the-shelf offerings, our expert software engineers can help you design and develop individual bespoke components of both flight and ground software for your own space mission.

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Model-based Engineering

Our component-based approach means that we can adapt our platform to any system that is suited to model-based software engineering. This could be small satellites, robotics, automated space systems, and much more.

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Over 10 years of engineering across full life-cycle of software development

Large amount of experience through direct involvement in multiple space missions

A unique mix of down-to-earth, hard-nosed, practical engineering experience

Numerous past and ongoing R&D projects, including work for ESA and UKSA

Diverse academic and research skills among the team

Adhere to working to strict quality and industry standards