1. expand your list of services


Are you a consultancy offering system engineering services or small satellite integration?

Expand your services into mission software to provide your customers with a one-stop solution for building advanced spacecraft. The case study below outlines different routes to drive your revenue with the help of the Partner Programme.




Company A (CA) is a small satellite systems integrator, offering its clients a complete solution from payload & platform through to the ground segment. Already established in the space industry, it has a significant amount of software development expertise. By joining Bright Ascension’s partner programme, CA creates three additional revenue streams.

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Re-sale of software licenses to its clients

CA determines the most suitable annual mark-up for the market within the defined range.

Chargeable technical support

Bright Ascension’s partner programme allows for ultimate freedom when establishing fees and support packages for CA’s clients.

Turnkey mission software solutions to complement services

Supported by initial training, CA quickly becomes a mission software specialist and uses Bright Ascension’s innovative and modular Flight Software Development Kit to develop mission flight packages for its clients. Being able to offer mission software development and consultancy services, CA quickly becomes a leading integrator in the local market.



Do you already specialise in a particular field, providing expert knowledge, products or solutions to the space industry?

Add value to your offering by leveraging Bright Ascension’s products. Read the case study below to find out how our Partner Programme can help you unlock new revenue streams.


enhance your technology

Company B (CB) is a highly specialised AI technology provider for the New Space sector. Whilst a highly knowledgeable software specialist, CB is an expert in its own field and relies on engaging with onboard software developers on a mission per mission basis for bespoke integration of its modules. By joining Bright Ascension’s partner programme, CB creates a number of new business opportunities.

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Full onboard and payload package offer

CB creates a generic package with integrated AI capability, which can be further customised for each particular mission. This allows CB to develop its missions significantly faster, easier, with reduced risk and at lower cost. As a result, CB notices a considerable increase in revenue, gained through access to a larger market.

Custom components for re-sale with FSDK licences

Through existing mission work CB develops a number of custom software components for the FSDK, that it can then re-sell as an add-on to clients who have the expertise to build their own flight software package using the FSDK. This allows CB to create additional revenue streams through both licence resell and custom add-on sale.


innovative and truly unique products

discounted product licences for re-sale

flexibility to choose your mark-up within the set range

opportunity to offer mission development services

flexibility to determine support charges

preferential support and training

access to member-exclusive forum

marketing and branding support


access to local space industry for promotion and re-sale

ability to offer support in local language and time zone

ability to code in C, Java, Python

proven track record of space/aerospace software work

adaptation of support/marketing material to local market



Flight Software Development Kit

Unique development environment for mission-specific flight software

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Mission Control Software

Easy-to-use monitoring and control of onboard changes during development and flight

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We are working hard to develop a complete end-to-end suite of products based on our innovative model-based technology, that will cover all mission software needs from development and validation, through to ground control and operations management, and then to service provision. The new software infrastructure will offer a highly efficient, integrated and cost-effective solution to the New Space industry and will significantly expand collaboration opportunities offered through the Partner Programme.

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