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Our Latest FSDK Release is Now Available

The commercial space industry is going through exciting and rapidly changing times. At Bright Ascension, we want to ensure you stay at the forefront of technological innovation and have as many tools as we can possibly give you for succeeding in your mission development and operation. We’ve been working extra hard during these strange times to bring you our very latest FSDK release, available to download through our customer support portal.

The latest release includes a host of new features, intended to offer even more capabilities when using our Flight Software Development Kit. Some highlights include:

  • Our onboard software now offers both reliable and unreliable file transfer through CCSDS file delivery protocol, giving your ground team more options when operating closed and open loop space links.
  • Learning from our experience of real flight missions, we have improved our mode management and scheduling approach in the example software deployments we provide for the Clyde Space platform.

You can take these “ready to fly” flight software deployments and easily adapt them to meet your specific mission needs by, for example, adding your own custom payload components or tailoring the default onboard automation configuration.

  • We have added a TunDev component, which creates a Linux network interface, allowing IP packets to be sent and received between a Linux host and a GenerationOne flight software deployment. This enables, for example, the ability to run SSH over a space link, or between distributed onboard nodes via CSP or CCSDS Space Packets.

These are only a few of the extra new features, tooling and bug fixes that we included into the new release. To find out more, please contact us at

The latest version is available to our existing customers via our Support Portal.