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Faster and Cheaper Delivery of Space-Based Insights at GEOINT 2024

We are thrilled to announce that we are taking part in the GEOINT 2024 Symposium from May, 5th to 8th in Kissimmee, Florida.

This is the first time we are attending an event of this scale within the geospatial and Earth observation sector and we plan to showcase our upcoming HELIX suite of satellite software solutions, particularly focussing on midstream and downstream services and activities. Our upcoming HELIX Apps and Infinity products are specifically designed to improve the delivery of space-based insights and analytics to make it significantly faster, simpler and cheaper.

With over 50 software deployments in orbit, we know that the effective delivery of downstream solutions, space-based insights and analytics requires a deep understanding of the upstream processes involved in satellite construction, deployment, and operations. We believe this unique expertise sets us apart and allows us to create solutions that seamlessly integrate with satellite systems, optimise data collection processes, and deliver quick and cost-effective actionable insights to our clients’ customers.

We invite all attendees to visit our Booth 336 at the GEOINT 2024 Symposium for more details and a hand-on demo of our upcoming HELIX family of space software products, that offer a comprehensive solution to address the entire lifecycle of space operations, from design and deployment to data analysis and application delivery.

“GEOINT 2024 is an ideal platform for us to showcase our upcoming HELIX solutions for delivering fast and simple space-based insights and analytics.”

Richard Adams, Sales Director at Bright Ascension

“With our extensive heritage and experience in the space industry, coupled with our unique expertise in the upstream processes, we are excited to engage with geospatial and Earth observation professionals and demonstrate how our innovative technologies can transform their operations, drive efficiency, and unlock new opportunities,” continued Richard Adams.