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Watch Our Talk at ESA MBSE 2021 Workshop

Enabling portability across diverse hardware with a model-based approach

The recent boost in the commercial space sector has opened up an impressively wide choice of commercial off-the-shelf subsystems for satellite developers. While this unlocks multiple possibilities and helps to reduce mission costs, it can also create a significant challenge for software development.

Satellite software needs to be produced fast, it has to be reliable and cost-effective. And one way to address this is through software re-use. However, subsystem suppliers can vary greatly in their architectural philosophies, selection of interface protocols and adoption of standards. If the developer needs to work with a variety of hardware, software re-use can become difficult.

As part of the ESA MBSE workshop 2021, Peter Mendham, our CEO, talked about how we use the model-based approach for tackling the problem of software re-use in such an environment.

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